Enter our cellar « Castle of Fourques

Enter our cellar

An impressive and authentic buildin

No doubt you will be surprised by the sheer size of our winery… To enter, you need to get through an imposing because of its size and structure wooden gate. Immediately your eye is caught by the massive oak beams. This framework fully supports a roof in parefeuilles which ensures a natural temperature control in the cellar throughout the year. In this enormous, 100 m long cellar, we produce annually around 3 000 hectoliters of red, rosé, and white wines, including 1 000hl in provision of services for other winemakers and friends from the neighbourhood.

Technology in equipement

In the same way a good kitchen needs a great set of saucepans, our cellar is equipped with a large number of vats of all sizes and materials, ranging from ancient vat made of Russian oak to the most innovative stainless steel vats. Our modern, stainless steel equipment of the cellar (receiving dock, pneumatic press, destemmer, temperature control unit, wine and marc pumps) allow us to bring out the best in our wines.

An intimate aging cellar for our wines

Our barrel storehouse, confined to the depths of the cellar, refines the ageing of our red and white AOC Languedoc wines as well as our Cartagene.